1. All players begin with 6000 HP at the start of the 1st round.
2. A Round is over when only one player has either HP or Cards remaining. The round continues until this happens
- in the event of a long round, all players can agree to re-deal.
3. A New Round begins when all remaining players discard and randomly deal a new field (6 cards) from their deck (30 cards max)
4. Eliminated cards cannot be re-used for future rounds

1. A player can have a maximum of 30 cards in their deck
2. A player must have a 6-card Field
3. The player Deck can be selected from all SuTaSu cards before the game begins
- Do not let your opponent(s) see your selections
4. If all players are holding a Rare card in their field, these cards eliminate each other and are not used against HP.
- Exception: SuTaTsunami is immune to other Rares, and, its ability stays intact
5. When it is discovered that one player has a Rare, all players then need to check their field to see if they are holding a Rare in their hand

1. #54 – Penny Pullverizer: has no effect on SuTaTsunami
2. #39 – SuTaSoda: the 2-turn fatigue means that only two cards (each being a turn) can be used to attack. If you do not defeat the opponent after two turns, you will lose this round
3. #15R - SuTaTsunami: this card trumps all other cards, including, other Rare cards making it the most coveted card in SuTaSu
4. #72 - Father Clocksworth: the traits for this card, the double damage, apply to the card that your opponent is currently holding, or, the next card that they draw
5. #75 - Pillow's Fight: the Baby monsters are Diaper Sniper, Babalien and GooGoo Maga
6. #11 - Jungle Swinger: this card disables your opponent's current card's damage/ ability. All Rares are immune to this card
7. All Squiddle monsters: if you hold a Squiddle card in your field, you can choose another Squiddle for transfer from your field or deck

The Monsters...

Here's just a peek at some of our monsters.